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To talk to someone about how we can support you no matter where you are in your NDIS journey, or to discuss any queries, please phone

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We Provide

Specialist Support Coordinators

NDIS Support Coordination

Hospital-to-home planning for discharge

NDIS Plan implementation

Therapies in building your capacity

 What can we do for you?

Help you understand and start your plan quickly

Do you feel service fatigue? We understand.

We assist participants who are having trouble expressing their wants, getting started, or locating providers more suited to their needs.

We do this by carefully selecting providers with our participants ensuring you have a choice of your desired providers, which empower our participants to feel more in control. This allows our participants to have longevity with their NDIS supports. 

We understand families and parents that are concerned about their child’s independence; it’s one of our specialties!

Trust, communication, and transparency are at the heart of our work, and we strive to meet what is important to you.

We’re specialists in allied health discharge planning, so we can help integrate you from a clinical setting such as hospital to home.

Need help integrating into your community? We’ll use knowledge of your strengths to build strategies, tailored to your goals to achieve the outcomes you want.

Finding it hard to source and connect with providers? We help connect you with both formal, informal, community and mainstream providers of support

Things don’t always go to plan. We can support you with unexpected issues, and help you build your resolve towards your independence, with choice and control

We can adapt to your best means of communicating, as a team, to build your independence and goals

We’ll assist in keeping track of your NDIS plan and goals.

Answer queries on changing NDIS price guide for 2022-2023

We are a specialist in

Acquired brain injury



Intellectual disability

Physical disability

​​Servicing area


Regional Victoria